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I guessed a project and wrote this introduction below of the project, for understanding what good structure in introduction is, but..., well..., what a terrible project this is lol. this may have good structure, but this will not be logical.

Mini-Research Title and Introduction

What program is kind?: Investigating the kind programming for computer architecture, using Internet website resources for making full use of CPU


In 2008, we can easily program using computer because plenty of computer scientists have helped an improvement about computer. However, at the birth of the computer called ENIAC in 1946[1], no one was able to use computer without a computer scientist because the way of programming of it was only to wire by hand. This means that programmer was not able to program without knowledge of computer architecture in those days. However, from 1990s to 2008, the number of programming language had increased, and the capability of the personal computer also had been improved[2]. For this reason, even a person who does not know about computer architecture was able to program if the person knows just some programming language. As a result, in 2000s, the number of programmer has been increased, and in 2008, there numerous programmers in the world.

In Japan business society, the number of programmer is fewer than the number of what most companies need, so the companies decide to hire a person who is not computer scientist as a programmer. As a result of this decision, the companies can produce a lot of big software. On the other hand, the execution speeds of software can sluggish even if using high-performance CPU. This kind of problem is caused when programmers code the program by not thinking about CPU. Therefore, we need to clarify the role of the programmer in making full use of CPU, and summarizing and listing up it for non-major computer science programmers.

In this paper, we will suggest ten commandments about how to code by making full use of CPU in each case for the programmers. In particular, we will look at clock per cycle of CPU from running program to finish, and find out the good performance code with comparing each code. We hope programmers understand these commandments, and then urge to totally improve the quality of software in business society.

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2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_engineer

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