1st LRT

haha, I feel I can do this homework more speedily than I did last year. However, it took 20 min in fact. Well, I should focus on these writing short-essay more sppedily because it may help me score writing section of TOEFL iBT.

----- 1st LRT -----
1. Do you think this course will be helpful for you? Tell me your study plan for this month.
Yes, I think this course will be helpful for me for the following reason.

Most importantly, this course will be helpful for me to practice the speaking section of TOEFL iBT. In Japan, where I live, we can easily self-study at other sections, which are Reading, Listening and Writing; however, I cannot easily self-study at the Speaking section because the section evaluates test-takers’ delivery, language use and topic development. Especially, delivery cannot self-study efficiently because it is an interaction, not self-action, so we should improve the skills through general communication, for example.

Therefore, I strongly believe that this course, Tutorial English pre-advanced, will be so helpful for improving the required skills of the speaking section.

2. What was your favorite subject in high school? (Use the AAA technique to answer this question.)
My favorite subject in high school is the Introduction Programming course because I was able to learn a lot of skills required for my current department, computer science. Specifically, the course helped me understand the object-oriented programming which is an important way of thinking when we make a computer program. Thanks to this previous knowledge, I was able to easily follow the courses in university. Do you have any subjects which helped you after graduating high school?

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