Hackbench on xv6

Xv6[1] is a pretty good material for OS learners, but one thing I am concerned is that how I benchmark xv6 after I developed or changed it. For example, xv6 has really simple scheduling algorithm that we easily understand, so that it may be a good idea to develop  scheduling algorithm to improve xv6 performance. However, one problem I met was how should I benchmark it? Therefore, I have modified 'hackbench.c', one of the simple benchmarking program, and now it can run on xv6. So, if you need to benchmark your implementations like me, you can download xv6 with hackbench by typing the following command:

     $ git clone git://github.com/yasulab/hackbench-on-xv6.git

Or, you can directly download it from


That's it.
Enjoy xv6 life!

[1] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xv6

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