Have I improved my English speaking skill for this late stage?




Low Pass FilterとかHigh Pass Filterとかが何もかかっていない
タダの正弦波or方形波の個別課題もあるのに 、 自分に与えられた
個別課題の回路が∫x(1)tdt-∫x(2)tdt だったのはちょっと不運だったな。




【Unit 17】
1. Have your speaking skills improved since you started Tutorial English? Why or why not?
I would assume so. Especially, I think I have been able to make a sentence, speaking the sentence partway. I think it means I have a little better understanding of the way to make a sentence.
I guess there are two points why I have been able to do that.

One point is that I read the book called “Feeling English grammar by your heart”. This book is completely different from traditional reference book at grammar. This book is not based on traditional principles in Japan about English grammar, for example “KATEI-HOU”, “HUKU-SHI TEKI YOHO”, “KAKO-BUNSHI” and so on. It means the authors of this book focus on the thinking and feeling of the native speakers of English in speaking. So reader learns the thinking and feeling to be closer to the native speakers. So I have learned my thinking and feeling to speak English through the book.

Another point is that I could put into practice what I have learned above through attending Tutorial English. I think I would not have improved my speaking skills that far if I just learned the thinking and feeling through the book. But I had much chance to put into practice what I have learned in Tutorial English. So I could not only learn the method but also put into practice the method. Therefore, I have improved my speaking skills through the book and Tutorial English.

So I’m really grateful to the authors of the book and Tutorial English, and I would like to keep improving English skills up.

2. Using the Language from Unit 17, tell me about a fun trip you went on. (What did you do? How was it?)
I went on Beijing in China one year ago. It was amazing experience, and I made up my mind never to go Beijing except errand which I have to go there. I went on Beijing to participate in a convention, and I think I got very wonderful experience through this convention and its program. But I think the place is not good.

For example, when I drank orange juice for breakfast in accommodation, the water is not orange juice. Correctly, that’s true it might be orange juice, but it tasted too plain. It’s closer to water coloring orange than orange juice. Incidentally, foods prepared as breakfast are cold.

And another example, I got out to a flea market after convention, and I shopped around there. The market had bizarre articles for sale. Especially at food, the articles were very bizarre. It’s because some of foods are insects. I know some of insects are esculent because in Japan we can eat some insects at restaurant and buy edible insects as food like a locust and larvae of bee and so on.

But, I have never heard that we can eat a cockroach and we can eat a locust with its feet. I’m sure these insects are not fully guaranteed that to eat them is good for health. But unfortunately, someone who is member of convention is interested in them, and he suggested that take a stone-scissors-paper and a person who lose this game have to go through a penalty game which eats insects.
Resultingly, I lost that game, and I have to eat it. A little fortunately, I don’t have to eat cockroach.
And I ate a would-be edible insect. I would never forget that green-hued liquid was released from inside it when I chew it.

Well…as a consequence, it might be good experience because I learned an importance of food culture through that event.

【Unit 18】
1. Is learning English fun for you? Why or why not?

Learning English is very fun for me. But just to learn English is not fun. I think it is fun for me to be able to do something as my English skill improves. For example, if I want to know or to use some new technical information, I would search on the web, but it is difficult to search new technical information only Japanese, so it would need to search in English and need ability to read English sentence. At the same time, if I can’t understand new technical information, I must ask a question, using a bulletin board system.

So if I touch a something of frontier, it can’t be avoided. But conversely, if I have high English skill, I can get much chance to touch a something of frontier, and I also touch a culture of diverse country.

Therefore, it is not fun for me just to study English, but ahead of the hard study, I think I will be able to get much chance than now.

2. Using the Language from Unit 18, disagree with the following suggestion and then make your own suggestion: Let's go to Lotteria for breakfast!

May be, but I would rather not go to such a restaurant for breakfast. It’s because I’m very keen to lose my weight, so if you would not mind taking a low-calorie breakfast, I would like to go to a café. If you are OK with that, I would guide you to my favorite café.

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