I have misunderstood the deadline of the Lesson Review Task. orz orz orz orz

I assumed it was within a week after each lesson. orz orz orz orz

【Unit 1】
1. Is it important for you to study English for your future career? Why or why not?
Yes, of course I think it important for me to study English for my future career. It’s because I think even in Japan my generation won’t be able to stand without regard to the global standard or students all over the world because society as a whole is turning to the overseas market gradually.

And at the same time, we will encounter various problems.
For example, we will encounter a problem of social sustainability. Our resource is not infinitude, so we have to discuss measures against mass consumer society and actualize them, but even now, I don’t think it is come true. I think it’s because some countries or some regions or some people are not interested in that problem. Therefore, our resource will be finished up some day.

However, it is a just one of problems; I guess there are a lot of problems and much more. It means we have to communicate each other over the border because almost of those problems are not domestic ones. I think we need more conversation, more negotiation, and more communication to know each culture, personality, attitude through English.

That means it is important for me to study English for my future career.

2. What do you usually do on the weekend? (Use the AAA technique to answer the question.)
In term, I usually study at computer science and English or do my assignment because my department’s professor gave students a lot of assignments so much as to spend my holiday as a homework time. So ordinarily, we never get our holiday without summer or winter vacation, or without referring to other student’s assignments.

By the way, I think it may be reckless behavior to do own assignments alone. Of course, we should do them alone, but in some situations, it may be important to save our time by taking a short cut because there might be so many events which are more important than assignments.

So, what do you think about this theme?

【Unit 2】
1. Why is the Conversation Management language at the front of your textbook important?
It’s because the Conversation Management language is so useful to continue conversation fluently and to understand something which we don’t know that we can grasp contents of a lesson at the time easily.

Addition to it, the Conversation Management language can encourage students to be aggressive and positive immediately because the Conversation Management language is not so much, so it doesn’t take time to remember that so much.

Therefore, the Conversation Management language is important.

2. What did you learn about your classmates and tutor today?
I learn and realize that my experience to take a Tutorial English at a second semester assists me. It’s because to compare half year ago with now, my English skill about speaking and listening is grown up very much, so I can speak more speedily than then.

However, I think I often use the same phrase; my vocabulary hasn’t changed a little. So, I must focus on learning new vocabulary and new expression deeply, and then I need to become skilled in the use of them. Specifically, I must learn new knowledge with its image because I think I will never master it while I learn it from Japanese.

For example, a dictionary which translates English into Japanese or Japanese into English doesn’t match each meaning exactly, so it may cause to misunderstand its original meaning.

For those thinking, I think there are two points which I should pay attention to.
One point is that it may be useful for me to use a dictionary which translates English into English aggressively to grasp a word’s original meaning.
And another point is that I use the new knowledge and new expression aggressively in this lesson, and I should master them for advancing my English more.

【Unit 3】
1. Why is it important that you participate actively and speak as much as possible in your Tutorial English lessons?
It’s because it makes a situation which I can’t speak English from thinking Japanese because if all classmates speak actively as much as possible, we can’t take enough thinking time. So we have to change our feelings into English directly, not through Japanese. For that, our speaking and listening skill are made rapid progress.

Therefore, it is important for us to participate actively and speak as much as possible in our Tutorial English lesson.

2. Use the Language from Unit 3 to give your best friend some advice about finding a girl/boyfriend.
I got it which you would like to find a girlfriend. So I will give you some advices.

I think it is up to your type.
So, if you ask me when you look for a pretty look girlfriend, you should relate to business field of model. And, if you look for a clever girlfriend, my advice is that you should be a scholar. And, if you look for a strong girlfriend, it might be a good idea to go into a field of sports. And, if you look for a good listening girlfriend, I recommend you should make friends with child minder or nurse.

So they are my opinion, but it might be in arbitrary and biased viewed.

【Unit 4】
1. Why is it important for you to do the Preparation activity before every Tutorial English lesson?
It’s because if we do the Preparation activity and check new words before the lesson with each cycle. We spend a time very effectively because we will have to waste a time to remember new words or new expressions if we forget to do the Preparation activity. So, to do the Preparation activity benefits us; we will be able to make a time to speak English and to discuss in English and so on.

Therefore, it is important for us to do the Preparation activity before every Tutorial English lesson.

2. Respond to the following suggestion and add a new suggestion: "I'm crazy about pan pizza. Why don't we order a Domino's pizza tonight?" (Remember the AAA technique.)
Maybe, but I think it is not effective way because in Japan there is a company which covenants a lot of delivery service companies and the company orders its covenanted companies instead of our ordering. So it is like an intermediate agent.
And when we use that company, we can get a gift product as a favor. So, we can cost downer than we order ordinarily.
So, why don’t we use that service?

【Unit 5】
1. How does answering the Lesson Review Task questions help you improve your English ability?
In my opinion, the Lesson Review Task helps us to remind can-do functions in lesson at the time. And, it gives us a chance to check whether we can memorize can-do functions or not through this Lesson Review Task.

And addition to it, the Lesson Review Task gives us a chance to reuse the Unit’s expressions in writing. So this task is very useful for us to learn new expressions. And it means, we can improve our English ability through this task.

2. Agree or disagree with the following statement and give reasons for your answer: Blowing your nose on the train is very rude.
Personally, I think that’s not right. It’s because I’m sure it is not polite behavior, but this behavior is a natural action in being human, so if our society prohibits it in law, it might cause a big problem; someone may catch a nasal inflammation or something else. So I feel that it may be a rude behavior, but “very rude” is too strong a word for this case.

【Unit 6】
1.Why should you speak only English in the booths, even during the break?
It’s because our goals are to improve each own English skill. Specifically, It might be different between each own goals, but I’m sure all of classmates want to improve own English ability.

So, according to this concept, we should immerse ourselves in English because in this term which we immerse in English we have a lot of opportunities to speak English and this experience make us improve own English ability.

Especially in Japan, we have only a few opportunities to speak English in ordinary daily life; it may be only in English class. So, we should make the most of a few opportunities. Therefore, we should speak only English in the booths, even during the break.

2. Using as much of the Language from Unit 6 as possible, tell me your plans for next week. Which plan are you looking forward to the most? Why?
In next week, I have three plans to do.
One plan is that the Berlitz lesson will have started, and the first lesson will begin on the 18th February. And in two days from first lesson, I have a second lesson. And in two Fridays time, I have a third lesson. I’m looking forward to this plan the most because this lesson is a private lesson; I have never taken a private lesson. So I’m looking forward to it the most.
Another plan is that I have a meeting for creating the database, but I don’t know yet when this meeting will start because schedule of partner who helps creating the database is not clear right now, so we have to schedule it as soon as possible.
The other plan is to create the server on my network. I bought a server a half year ago, but I have not created the server yet because of compulsory class. So during this vacation, I will study at server and network system through creating server. However, I will be able to get on this work because this work doesn’t have deadline. So I’m going to get on this work when I’m free in next week.

【Unit 7】
1. What topics do you need to review from Units 1-6?
In my opinion, I think I need to review Unit 5 – ask for and give opinion & agree and disagree -. It’s because I guess this expression is often used in discussion and comparing with other’s opinion or idea. So I think this unit is very useful and I need to review this Unit.

2. Which units have you enjoyed the most so far in Tutorial English? Why?
I enjoyed the Unit 1 the most so far. It’s because in this Unit my classmates and I introduce for each other. So I can hear another university life in Waseda. And I’m interested in another life. So this unit 1 “Hello” is very interesting for me.

【Unit 8】
1.Do you want your tutor to correct your errors? Why or why not?
Yes, of course I want my tutor to correct my errors about English. It’s because if my tutor doesn’t point my errors out, I may make a same mistake again. And perhaps, it will continue until I realize it. Therefore I want my tutor to correct my errors.

2.Using the Language from Unit 8, describe an object in your room.
I have a desk. And this desk made of wood is about 1 meter wide and 2 meters high in my room. And I have a server. It is about 2 or 3 kilo-gram and this is shaped rectangular solid. And I have an electronic piano which is about 2 meters wide and 1 meter high.
And I have a basket ball made of rubber. It’s shaped round, but it is not smooth because I used it a number of times.

【Unit 9】
1. Which area of learning English do you find the most difficult, speaking, listening, reading or writing? Why?
Personally, I feel it is the most difficult for me to learn reading activity. It’s because I think, of course, I can read even some complex topics if I can use dictionary, but in a test like a TOEIC or TOEFL about reading section, I can’t use any dictionary, so a score at reading section relies on my own vocabulary whether I get a high score or not.

However, I know I have a limited vocabulary because I don’t study for university entrance examinations; I was a Waseda University high school student. And also my senior at my high school who went abroad to study for a year said to me, “Our – Waseda University high school students’ – vocabulary is crucial disadvantage, so you have to take your less vocabulary into consideration if you want to improve your English skill.”.

In fact, I think vocabulary constitutes for a large share of score at TOIEC. And I feel it’s not only related to reading section, but also related to any other sections, so my less vocabulary causes total score down, and it shows “Our vocabulary is crucial disadvantage”.

Therefore, I think I must add steadily to my vocabulary.

2. Compare your current bag, bicycle or cell phone with your previous bag, bicycle or cell phone.
To compare my current cell phone with my previous one, current one is more hi-tech and useful and better designed than previous one, but previous one is not as heavy as current one. And previous one’s size is smaller than current one’s.

However, current one’s display is much larger than previous one, so current one is more eye-friendly for me than previous one. And current one’ battery is more long-lasting than previous one’s.

But I used previous one for a longer time than current one.

【Unit 10】
1. What expressions or Can-do functions that you have studied so far are still difficult to use? Why?
Personally, I think the most difficult can-do functions to use which I have studied so far are “Describe appearance” and “Talk about clothing” in the Unit 10. It’s because I had to remember a lot of new words which are freckles, hazel, and mole, baggy and pleated for example.
And at a Talking about clothing, I’m originally not interested in clothes, so I might not distinguish cloth’s style even in Japanese. Therefore it is tough for me to remember new words about clothing and express them.

2. Using the Language from Unit 10, describe your best friend's appearance.
My best friend looks like a dog according to his girlfriend’s view, and I agree with her partially because he has short hair and his eye looks like round. And I think also a position of his eyebrows from his eyes is very similar to dog one. And he doesn’t have muscular body, but his body is not chubby, either. I say his body is so-so. So these appearances may be reminiscent of dog.

But he is not as amenable as a dog.

【Unit 11】
1.How would you help a visitor to Japan who looks lost in a train station? What would you say to him or her?
Excuse me, could I help you if you lost in a train station? I know about a train station.

2.Ask me to do you a favor. Explain why you need my help.
Could you do me a big favor? Would you mind taking care of my dog for a while? It’s because I have to get away from home for a while because I heard my grand father is in bad health and no one can look after him right now except me, so I must go there, but I can’t take my dog because my dog hates all vehicle. And definitely, my dog will go hungry if I leave it alone. Therefore, would you mind taking care of my dog for a while?

【Unit 12】
1. How do you remember new vocabulary?

I often remember new vocabulary with its used situation or image.

For example, thinking at a case of “irritated”. First step is that I find out the meaning of this word by using a dictionary which can translate English into English. And then, I write it down. Second step is that I remember the meaning with its used situation or image. So in this case, I will remember this with the image that this word is used when I was caught by traffic jams.

But as is often the case for me, I won’t remember just an image. I need to remember vocabulary with some images. Maybe, it’s not effective way to remember new vocabulary, but I think this way is useful when I speak English because I remind it from image or situation, not through Japanese.

2.What do you intend to do after graduating from university?

I’m definitely going to enroll in a graduate school because I think I will be unregarded if I don’t have my special study or the study is lack of utility. So I must have my utile special study and publish it in academic society until I finish school. Otherwise, I definitely won’t be able to enter the Google Inc.

And I’m probably not going to enter graduate school of Waseda. It’s because I don’t think it is smart way to choose laboratory for Waseda. There may be more appropriate laboratory for me in any other graduate schools than Waseda graduate school. So I might take a test for graduate study.

But anyway, I need to get a high score at each class. So I’m sure I’ll decide my way after I get an excellent record, well… but it is in a case if possible.

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