About cultural transition between JOMON and YAYOI period etc.

1st essay

The partial summary of “Finding Japan” 2008/02/28
Chapter1: A short history of Japan and its periods
Topic: About Cultural transition between JOMON and YAYOI in Japan

After correcting

It is said that the period of JOMON began at 8,000 B.C.E. BC. and continued until around 300 to 200 BC. In this period, native Japanese lived with same species together as a tribe and learned started to develop their cultural action. For example they cultivated paddy to grow rice, they made stone tools or, clay pottery, and they began to hunt animals and fishes. But, they hadn’t had developed social class yet in this period.

After that Later, in the new period called “YAYOI Period”, which continued around the 3rd century BC. Personally, I think the specific differences between JOMON and YAYOI are whether they have social stratification or not and whether they touch other region or not. In this period, there was a queen called “Himiko. and It is said that she sent envoys to China and they brought China’s culture to Japan. So, written Japanese language today has similar Chinese characters such as known as 'Kanji'.
today Japan has the Japanese written language that is similar to Chinese one such as “Kanji”.

!!Pay attention!!
B.C.= before Christ
B.C.E.= Before the Common Era (infrequently-used term?)

"begin" is the verb focusing on beginning of sth
"start" is the verb focusing on process of sth

The most meaning of this essay tell facts, so you shouldn't mention your own idea so that the essay will develop.
Think at the appropriate writing type in each essay.

2nd essay
29 February 2008
Topic: The answer of 'Internet Task' at chapter 1 in level 5 on BerlitzEnglish.com

1. Choose two events that you think are interesting. Which events did you choose?
I chose these two of events below. the following events / the events below.
Volleyball and BBQ Saturday, July 16, 2005
Recycling Committee Monday, August 01, 2005

2. Why did you choose these events?
The reason why I chose the former event is that I'm a (big) fan of playing sports using a ball such as futsal, basketball, volleyball and also I really like to do outdoor activities such as BBQ, trekking, and snowboarding.
And The reason why I chose the latter one is that I'm interested in making a sustainable society in order to make the best use of limited resources in the on earth. I heard from a Prof at my univ that it's very important for us to change the our mass-consumption society into the a sustainable society / one that is sustainable, therefore I chose this event.

3. What kind of people would you meet at these events?
At the former one name, I would meet the people who are interested in volleyball and like enjoy outside outdoor activities.
And at The latter one, I would meet the people who are familiar with the social problem at Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce and are interested in these problems.

4. Describe the last event you attended. What was it like? Where was it?
I attended my a futsal club activity to play a game at Asagaya in Tokyo in Japan. It was very entertaining enjoyable and exciting, so I was exhausted after the game. Therefore, I got a had muscle aches / (I was sore~~) in the next day.

5. Did you meet any new people?
Yes, I did. At the game, I met a lot of new people. Of course, I didn't know opposing team member meet anybody from the other team, but also there was were new people in on my team. This is because some of my futsal team members often turn over the team members are constantly being replaced changing such as one of the members invites his friend to we often invite our friends to join my futsal club. Therefore, I could was able to talk with a lot of new people through at this game.

!!Pay attention!!
Shouldn't put 'And' at the begging of sentence

In particular situation, you should choose 'was able to', not 'could' because 'could' has two meanings, but 'was able to' has just one meaning.

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