User Review Notifier for Android Market

1つ前の投稿で紹介したUser Review Getter from Android Marketを利用して、Android Marketにある任意のAppのユーザレビューを取得し、新しいものがあればメールで知らせるスクリプト(の組み合わせ)です。

Source Code:


Periodically check user reviews on your android app
in Android Market, and email you if there is new reviews.

What You Need

- Unix Server
- sendmail (command)
- lxml (python)
- cron

1. Replace upper-case strings in user-review-notifier.sh with your own.


   python ${dir}user-review-getter.py ${package} > ${dir}latest.data
   diff ${dir}latest.data ${dir}last.data > ${dir}diff.data
   mv ${dir}latest.data ${dir}last.data
   python ${dir}sendmail.py ${dir}diff.data ${mail}



   python ${dir}user-review-getter.py ${package} > ${dir}latest.data
   diff ${dir}latest.data ${dir}last.data > ${dir}diff.data
   mv ${dir}latest.data ${dir}last.data
   python ${dir}sendmail.py ${dir}diff.data ${mail}

2. Make sure that your server can type the following commands.

- $ sendmail
- $ python
    >  import lxml

3. Check if python scripts run.

- $ python user-review-getter.py PACKAGE_NAME
- $ python sendmail.py FILENAME TO_ADDR

4. Test to run initial shell script.

- $ sh user-review-notifier.sh

5. Check your e-mail box if you got an e-mail.

6. Setup your cron to run the shell script periodically.

- $ sudo crontab -e

# m h  dom mon dow   command
0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /bin/sh /PATH_TO_DIR/user-review-notifier.sh >/dev/null 2>&1

7. Done! You will be able to get an e-mail if there is new reviews.

User Review Getter from Android Market

Usage of user-review-getter.py (GitHub)

     $ python user-review-getter.py PACKAGE_NAME


     $ python user-review-getter.py org.sorarier.whistle


非常に素晴らしいアプリだと思います。 そして迅速な改善に頭が下がります。 製作者樣、ありがとうございます。by あっきー–2011/03/19
こまめな更新に、感謝感激by Gaz–2011/03/19
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速やかな改良、対応に頭が下がります。by Gen–2011/03/17
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Works on droidx. No permissions needed.by Leonard–March 13, 2011

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