Whistle App: A Case Study of Smart-phone Development and Comparison

ホイッスル on Androidがそろそろ50,000ダウンロードに到達しそうなので、記念に(?)ホイッスル on Androidを題材としたレポートをアップしときます。本当はブログに本文をべたーっと貼りたいのですが(検索に引っかかるので)、うまい方法が見つからないので、とりあえずアブストラクトとインデックスだけ貼っておいて、中身はリンク先へ、という形でアップします。興味があればどうぞ(*)。

* 諸事情でノー添削ver.です。文章はかなりroughなので注意。

Whistle App: A Case Study of Smart-phone  Development and Comparison


In order to clarify the insight of differences between Android and iPhone applications, this paper first introduces Whistle App, which is a smart-phone application that runs on both devices. And then, using it as a case study, this paper attempts to compare both de-vices in terms of UI components, resource managements, and markets. The other works not directly related to this paper yet helpful to write it are all attached as an appendix.

1. Introduction
  a. Background
  b. Why comparing with a case study
  c. What's Whistle App
2. Evaluation Environment, Resource, and Collaborators
  a. Evaluation Environment
  b. Resources
  c. Collaborators
3. Comparison
  a. UI Components
    i. Whistle on Android
    ii. Whistle on iPhone
  b. Resource Management
    i. Whistle on Android
    ii. Whistle on iPhone
  c. Market
4. Future Work
5. Conclusion
6. Acknowledgement
7. Reference

  Multi-media Productions of Whistle App
  Reports on Whistle App
  Whistle on Titanium Studio
  Whistle Widget


Whistle App in Android Market:

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