Am I satisfied with my English skills?

【Unit 19】
1. Are you satisfied with your English skills? Why or why not?
No, I’m not satisfied with my English skills. It’s because I can’t discuss in English fluently yet. Especially, I need a lot of time to make a sentence in English. So if I have a chance to discuss with people all over the world, I would be weaker brethren because of my English skills. In fact, when I took part in an Asian Business contest, I was not able to discuss with my members of my group.
Most of my team members are in famous University student: Beijing University, or Tsinghua University, or NUS and so on. They all would be excellent person who had outridden the competition, and I realized how low my actual power was. So to speak, this was my first experience to touch a global standard.
By good fortune, my team could win a third prize, so we could achieve result, but only me, couldn’t communicate other national people. I guess if I could talk and discuss with them in English in those day, I would get a lot of experience and make friends with them. In addition, if I had the knowledge of a specialist in those days, I would be able to exchange information and opinions of large talk with other national engineers.
So, I think I was not able to make good use of my opportunities. But, I’m sure another opportunity will come if I want. And then, I would like to make good use of my opportunities this time. Therefore, I’m not satisfied with my English skills.

2. Using the Language from Unit 19, discuss this statement: Money is more important than love.
I think money is as important as love, but according to then circumstances, money may be more important than Love, and Love may be more important than money.
It’s because I think money and Love both are important elements to spend your life with satisfaction. So if you are lacking in money, you couldn’t afford to take thought for anything else because of your circumstance, so then money is more important than Love.

And in another case, if you are overzealous in your quest for money, you will realize you’re not satisfied with your life because of lacking in something when you will be a senior.

Therefore, I think both of elements are very important, and the importance of those is often changed in your then stance. So, I think that to think about the argument is not smart very much. It’s because definitely, it is better for us to get both. So, if we have to think about it, all we should do is not thinking at which is important, but thinking at how we get both.

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