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Now, a Vending Machine is so popular in Japan that we can say it as a Japanese culture. So, explain it FREELY to the foreigner who doesn’t know it, as UNIQUE as you can.

You wanna know about a vending machine? OK, I'll explain to you what it is.
In the general meaning, a vending machine is the machine for vending various goods such as food and drink automatically. So there is nobody to vend without the machine. The size of it is as big as a fridge, and there are some objects on it for a costumer to buy goods. Generally, those are three slots, buttons, and a display.
The two slots are fit on for dropping into a coin and paper currency. The other one is fit on a bottom part of a vending machine for taking goods. Addition to it, a display and buttons are also necessary for showing and choosing goods.

But it’s quite simple to use it. If you want to buy goods from a vending machine, you have only to take two steps. First, drop enough money to buy goods into the slots, and then choose the goods on a display by using buttons on it. That’s all. After choosing goods, it drops a bottom slot, so you’re able to take the goods from a vending machine. It’s simple, isn’t it? Anyway, that’s the general way to buy goods from a vending machine.

But, that’s the just general expression what a vending machine is, until now. A vending machine in particular place has changed for next-generation. Guess what? Recently, as improving IT, a vending machine is going to progress. For example, a vending machine in Japan is so popular and unique in the world that we can say it as one of Japanese cultures. It’s just because it has unique functions. So, let me extra explain about what it is.

Some vending machine in Japan has an electric money function and wireless LAN application built-in, and it makes Japanese circumstance better on three points. Those points are friendly, serviceable, and safe.
At the friendly point, the vending machine has a terminal to pay electric money by using a prepaid card. It means that it’s no time to buy goods. So, we have only to touch a prepaid card to the terminal. So to speak, Japanese circumstance will become friendly.
At the serviceable point, having wireless LAN application built-in, we’re able to have the access zone to connect a personal computer to the web. In addition, if it also has the display like a TV, it can show information such as advertisement and forecast. Therefore, we’re able to get information conveniently from the vending machine.
At the safe point, drinks or foods in the vending machine can be essential goods when natural disaster happens. It means that goods in can be retrieved from the vending machine in disaster area for free. It’s because a maker of the vending machine can switch the mode of the vending machine, by using the wireless LAN.

That’s the expression of the vending machine in Japan. How do you think about that? I think a vending machine has more possibility to progress than the Japan case. Don’t you think so?

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