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Do you want to know about vending machines? That’s great! It’s because the vending machines have enhancement right now. So, I'll tell you all about them from general description to advanced example for the future, in order to understand them deeply and why they have enhancement.
Generally speaking to a feature and appearance, a vending machine is an automated machine where we can buy various goods such as drinks and foods. The machine is fully automated, and is thus unmanned. It’s as big as a refrigerator and has three parts. One is a slot part where we can insert coins and bills. Another is a selection part which has a display and buttons for showing and choosing the goods. The Other is a covered area where we can collect the goods.
Next, let’s move on how to use vending machines. It’s quite simple to use them. There are only two steps to buy goods from a vending machine. First, insert the appropriate amount of money into the slots, and then choose the goods by using buttons on the display. That’s all! After making a selection, the goods will drop into the covered area, so you’re able to take the goods out of the vending machine. It’s quite simple, isn’t it? Up until now, most vending machines functioned in this manner around the world. However, that’s the general description just until now. There is a new generation of vending machines in some parts of the world. I mean that there are possibilities that the description of vending machine will be added. As an example, I’ll tell you two unique functions which the latest vending machines in Japan have.
The functions are electronic money and a wireless LAN functions. These functions are expanding two possibilities of a traditional vending machine. Those are on the points that more users friendly and multi-functional. One, the new machine is users friendly in that we can purchase goods with electronic money such as a prepaid card. So, we need only to tap the panel with the prepaid card. The other, with the having wireless LAN application built-in, the new machine can be used in various ways. For example, in Japan, there are some vending machines that we can access the Internet via using our own computer. Other, some machines can show information such as advertisements or a weather forecast like a television. In addition, some new machines can also provide food and drinks for free in the event of a natural disaster. They all examples are based on the reason why manufactures can manipulate the machines using the wireless LAN.
These are the unique functions. The functions mean the new vending machines are expanding possibilities. Additionally, if the new vending machines are set up everywhere, the new vending machines will become an essential tool of the ubiquitous society and reserve supply for the natural disaster.
Hence, the vending machine is enhancing right now. If you are interested in the vending machine, you should come to Japan, and feel that on your eyes. That’s all. Thank you for your listening!

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