How to remember new English vocabulary & etc...

【Unit 11】 Bold red word is a new term for me to remember.
1. What do you do to remember new English vocabulary?

I take a two-step approach to remember new English vocabulary.

First step is to write and to say the word to remember the vocabulary. It’s because it is so simple and shortest way to remember the vocabulary.

And second step is to relate the vocabulary to the similar one or similar meaning phrase as much as possible. It’s because it is difficult to forget the remembered vocabulary in this way. It means I should make a network of English vocabularies. It’s because if I make the network larger and larger, I’m difficult to forget the vocabulary and I remind it easier if I forget it. So it is so simple way to remind it if I forget it because I have only to follow the network.

Therefore, I can remember the vocabulary in any way, and if I forget it, I can remind it in any way. So, when I remember new English vocabulary, I’m not conscious of remembering individually, but I’m conscious of relating it to another vocabulary and broadening my English vocabulary network.

2. using the Language from Unit 11, describe your appearance and personality.

I have unkept hair and I think I’m average-height and weight; Maybe I’m a little heavier than the average-weight. It’s because I’m hardly physically active recently. So I think I had better play sports or go to gym, but I had so many assignments that I have to throw myself into a task.

In most cases, it is fact recently that even if I spend every day doing my assignments, I cannot complete my all assignments; I always don’t do a few assignments for lack of time. However, I don’t want to give up playing sports or going to gym. So I need to make time to do it. It means I need to concentrate on doing my assignments and I complete my assignment earlier and to keep it good-quality. So now, I need the skill to judge useful information to understand about Computer Science earlier, and to make time.

In getting off the subject, but it is the personality of me. I think I’m such a floundering man to get something that I want. So I meet any obstacle by trying to get something. In this case, something is time, but any other thing is same as this case. So to sum them up, I have unkept hair and I’m a little heavier weight, but I have an intention to try it better. And the process which I try it better shows my personality.

And…I’m afraid I will be absent from next lesson. It’s because I get a chance to go to Google Japan Company tomorrow. I can get a opportunity to learn about Google Tech in this session for collage student. And this session is started from 0:45 PM to 4:00PM, so I can’t attend next lesson. But I would like to contact you because I asked you help about the Language School. So I write my E-mail address and mobile phone number below. If I could get any advice, please contact me.

【Unit 12】
1. Do you think watching movies or TV in English can help you improve your English skills?
Why or why not? Yes, of course. It will help me improve my English skill because it is better to spend the time when I’m exposed to English even if only slightly. But, I think this way may be only an efficient for listening, so if I continue to study English in this way, I may not improve my English skill about speaking absolutely. So I think there is a more efficient way to improve my English skills than this way.

However, it is fact that this way improves my any English skill. Also, it is very fun to watch it. So, it may be better to try to study English in diverse ways because it makes me so weariless that it motivates my intentions.

I think it is very important to have a continual motivation to study than to study hard temporarily. Therefore, Maybe I should have diverse opportunities to be exposed to English to have a continual motivation about English.

2. You are in Hawaii and want to buy a t-shirt. What questions do you need to ask the store clerk? (Use the language from Unit 12.)

I take four-step in this action.

First step, I ask the store clerk “Excuse me, do you have any T-shirts?” And if he says “Yes.”, I ask also the store clerk “Where are the t-shirts?” And then, the store clerk will guide me to the area about t-shirts. And I move the area.

Second step, if I need to try it on, I say “Can I try it on?” And if the store clerk says “Yes.”, I try it on. And then if I feel it is large for me, I ask the store clerk “Do you have this in a smaller size?”

Third step, if I find the favorite t-shirt, I ask the store clerk “How much is this one?” and then, if the t-shirt costs reasonable price, I say “I’ll take it” to the store clerk.

Fourth step, in front of checkstand, if I have a Master card, I say “MasterCard, please.” And when I finish making account I can get the favorite t-shirt. That’s line of the action which I want to buy a t-shirt in Hawaii.

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