Lesson Review Task in Unit 9 & 10


といっても、春休みの準備に手を抜きたくないし… 特に焦点を当てるべき課題は、


の2つかな。 とりあえず、チューターには空気読まずに英語で質問してみた。

【Unit 9】
1. Do you think you will use the language from Unit 9 in the future? Why or why not?

Yes, I will. It’s because I think I will take lunch or dinner at the restaurant with foreign friends in the future, so then I will talk about any topics with friends. And then, I think Japanese food will be come up in conversation because various Japanese foods are well known around the world. Even as far as I know, SUSHI and SHABU-SHABU and YAKITORI and NATTO and MISOSHIRU are famous all over the world.

Therefore, some foreigners may ask me some questions about Japanese food because I’m Japanese. At the time, if I can’t describe Japanese food, I will miss a precious opportunity to talk with friends. It’s a very disappointing thing for me to miss the opportunity. So I need to describe food.

On the other hand, in that situation I will have to order the menu. And then I need to order the menu accurately. It’s because if I can’t order the menu, there is a possibility that the waiter has brought the wrong food which I ordered. In most case it’s attributable to me.

Therefore, I need to master how to order, and need to know how to deal some problems which the waiter has brought wrong food.

2. Using the Language from Unit 9, describe your favorite food.
My favorite food is Japanese NABE. It is a favorite and general food in Japan. You can cook it easily, because it is very simple dish. So I tell you how to cock it.

First, you fry a chicken on the greased pan.

Next, you pour water till the meat is soaked a little, and then you pour the sauce in it.

Next, you boil the pan and wait until the water is boiling. And then, you throw various vegetables which you like, and wait until the vegetables are soft.

Finally, if you taste it rich, you can add the sauce to adjust the seasoning. It’s all to cock it. So, it’s very simple dish, isn’t it?

Now, it’s cold gradually, so I guess this dish is useful for you.

For something completely different, I have some questions to you. I want to go abroad and improve English skills more in this spring vacation. So now, I plan to attend the Language School in San Francisco in California. And, I try to apply for admission to the Language School directly using the Internet. It’s because it can cut cost down and I can study among people without Japanese. So, I would like to ask you to give me some advices. If you wouldn’t mind, please give me some answers of 3 questions below.

1. If you know about the Language School, please tell me any information or rumor about the Language School.
* I’m planning on choosing the Language School in these sites below. http://www.angelus.co.jp/sanfranc.html
http://www.studyabroad.jp/usa_west.html (only in San Francisco)

2. If there is anything to pay careful attention to stay San Francisco, please tell me it.

3. Which is safer, to use home stay or to use share room?

At this time, I can’t judge which better Laguage school is yet. It’s because I can read the information about fee and program and school’s features etc by using the Internet, but I can’t get the rumor of the Language School. So I want to gather rumor as much as possible. So, I’m afraid it would help me great deal if you answer the questions.

These are information and what I hope for the Language school.
*** Purpose ***
To improve English skill and the TOEFL score.

*** Condition ***
Place: San Francisco
Stay style: Anything OK
Budget: No condition
Term: About 4 weeks
School: I try to choose the Language School in those sites below. http://www.angelus.co.jp/sanfranc.html
http://www.studyabroad.jp/usa_west.html (only in San Francisco)

【Unit 10】 1. Do you always review the unit after class? Why or why not?

Yes, I always review the unit after class. It’s because I can’t do my Lesson Review Task without reviewing. So while I continue to hand in the answer to the Lesson Review Task, it means I review the unit after class. By the way I’m trying to answer the second question”Why or why not?” It’s because I take a class by paying some fees. So I want to maximize the effectiveness of this class. Otherwise, it means I throw up the chance and lost money.

Therefore, I always review the unit after class.

2. Imagine you are very rich. Using the Language from Unit 10, describe your home.
Now, I live in the exclusive apartment house. And it is the highest floor which I live. Well…from now, I introduce my room. My room is very roomy, and it’s traditional style.

It’s because I like it, especially I like Japanese style room which has the paper doors and the Tatami mat and Kotatsu and so on. These materials and architecture make me relax. So I can spend the comfortable time when I’m in it.

In addition, it’s sunny because my house is located higher place. So, it is the scenic place, too. And there is a Kotatsu in the center. And there are some sitting chairs around it. And there are some materials related Japanese cultures.

So whenever I invite any foreigner in my house, I can let him impressed and he is interested in Japanese culture. So, why don’t you come in my house if I actualize the house truly?

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