How to practice listening & How to get good grades & etc...

These short essays are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.
It's because these are not logical. As suspected, I cannot make good sentence without in good time.


【Unit 13】
1. How can you practice listening outside of class?

 I usually practice listening outside of class by using MP3 player; it means I hear English sentences which is read by native speaker. Actually, I would like to use the podcasting, but I bought the MP3 player which is not made by Apple computer, but is made by Kenwood Corporation, so I cannot use the podcasting.

 However, I can just download music file and put it into my MP3 player, so I have put some music files which are any English listening data into my MP3 player directly. But, I think only to do it is not a smart action in the way that to put “any” English listening data into it.

 Therefore my mp3 player has some music files which are some Listening sections of some English lecture which I have taken. It’s because it is useful for me not only to practice listening, but also to link to score high in each class.

 So, this is the way for me to practice listening outside of class.

2. Give some advice to a friend who wants to get in shape.

 Hi, dear my friend! I have heard you really need to get in shape. If you really trouble about it, I will give you two suggestions how to get in shape in my experience.

 First suggestion, you should go swimming to get in shape. It’s because you can get in shape in balanced to go swimming. It’s because you can use your generalized muscle by swimming. So this way gives you balanced body and benefits your health and makes you handsome. But this way will cost some money to join a gym, and it is not always to be able to swim. You can only swim just during the gym is opening.

 Another suggestion, you should go jogging to get in shaper. It’s because you can get in shape and make your stamina up. Especially, you can go jogging any time and anywhere. And this way don’t cost money. All you have to do is to get sport shoes and sport cloth. So it’s simply enough to try that, right?
 I’m glad if this suggestion is useful for you. See you!

 And I viewed receive e-mail yesterday. Thanks a lot for answering my questions! I can enlarge my point of view, and my purpose has been clear gradually. And after careful thought, I would decide not to go to the San Francisco, but to go to the Bristol in England, and I would attend the Language school of “OISE” in there.
 I will study English for 4 weeks in the Language School, and then I will draft from place to place for 2 weeks.

 This is just an idea what I do after finishing studying at the Language school. So, I might revise a schedule, but I would like to schedule a drifting from place to place during my trip when I heard your advice.

 However, I’m not finished yet. I must get with many things from now, but I will get with them using examples from your advice. Your advice is so helpful for me! Thank you so much!

【Unit 14】
1. What topics do you need to review from Units 8 - 13? Why?
 I think I need to review Unit 9 “Food” There is a reason why I choose this Unit.

 First reason is that I got a lower point in Can-do function which is "Describe food" in this unit. I often made a mistake in this function. Especially, I often forgot the term describing food. I know why I often forgot it. It’s because I could not imagine the term.

 Ordinarily I remember the term with linking other English term or other English phrase, but then I could not imagine an idea to remember the term. So, I linked the term to the Japanese term or phrase. I think this is the main causation why I was evaluated with lower point.

 Therefore, I learned I should remember the term using only other English term or phrase even if it is difficult for me to link that.

So, if I review it now, I can remember the term because I found the causation. This is the reason why I think I need to review unit 9.

2. I want to get good grades in school. What should I do?

 If I want to get good grades in school, I should schedule in great detail in then semester and I study on the schedule. It’s because it is difficult to get good grades in school only to spend time to study. I think the more the subject is hard to understand, the more it won’t get it easy to spend the time to study simply.

 I mean it is not good just to spend time to study, but you should make all kinds of efforts to get good grades in school.

 For example, my friends and I can help each other, and we can share our knowledge each other. And I can concentrate on studying in less time. And first I can only try to study in the areas which are easier to understand than other areas, and then I ask someone teach me the other ones which are difficult to understand.

 These examples mean you should spend your time effectively for getting good grades in school. For that, you must keep tabs on your schedule to study. With that, it becomes important to draw up standards what is good scheduling and which way is better for you.

 I think there are many ways to make out a good scheduling. And I think it varies among individuals. So if you want to get good grades in school, you should find your study style. And then, you should schedule in great detail by your own way. And then, you study on the schedule.
 By doing this, I think you can spend your time effectively and you can get good grades in school.

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