Words in EnglishⅡfinal test

English II (FS) Final Test
Words and Phrases from the Lecture


= the length of time that sth lasts or continues.

= a fact or an event in nature or society, especially one that is not fully understood.
= a person or thing that is very successful or impressive.

= the scientific study of the mind and how it influences behavior
= the kind of mind that sb has that makes them think or behave in a particular way
= how the mind influences behaviour in a particular area of life


= that you can imagine or believe
SYN: possible
OPP: inconceivable

= giving many details and a lot of information; paying great attention to details

distorted (distort)
= to change the shape, appearance or sound of sth so that it is strange or not clear
= to twist or change facts, ideas, etc. so that they are no longer correct or true

[-- to/for sth -- to do sth -- that ...] SYN: vital
= completely necessary; extremely important in a particular situation or for a particular activity
[only before noun] SYN: fundamental
= connected with the most important aspect or basic nature of sb/sth

= willing to listen to or to accept new ideas or suggestions

= lasting or intended to last only for a short time; not permanent
OPP: permanent

= of or connected with seeing or sight


= to use numbers to find out a total number, amount, distance, etc
= to guess sth or form an opinion by using all the information available

[VN] = to arrange sth in groups according to features that they have in common
[- sb/sth as sth] = to decide which type or group sb/sth belongs to

[A and/from B] = to recognize the difference between two people or things
[VN] = to be a characteristic that makes two people, animals or things different
[VN] = to be able to see or hear sth
[- yourself] = to do sth so well that people notice and admire you

= to become or to make sth become paler or less bright
[V] = to disappear gradually
= if a sports player, team, actor, etc.
fades, the stop playing or performing as well as they did before

[- in sth - between A and B]
= to try to end a disagreement between two or more people or groups by talking to them
and trying to find things that everyone can agree on
[VN] = to succeed in finding a solution to a disagreement between people or groups
[VN] = to influence sth and/or make it possible for it to happen

= to record your/sb's/sth's name on an official list
= to make your opinion known officially
= if a measuring instrument registers an amount or sth registers an amount on a measuring instrument,
the instrument shows or records that amount
= to show or express a feeling
[NOTICE STH](often used in negative sentences)
= to notice sth and remember it
= to send sth by mail, paying extra money to protect it against loss or damage

= to form a picture of sb/sth in your mind
SYN: imagine


refer to A as B
= to mention or speak about sb/sth
EX: The victims were not referred to by name.
She always refferred to Ben as that nice man.

sift through
= to examine sth very carefully in order to decide what is important or useful or to find sth important

= to some degree; rather

Read each definition below and from the table above choose the word or phrase closest in meaning.

1. related to sight
= visual

2. using a lot of information or facts
= detailed

3. a fact or event in nature, especially one that is not fully understood
= phenomenon

4. happening for a limited time
= temporary

5. a little or slightly
= somewhat

6. able to be believed or imagined
= conceivable

7. to gradually become weaker or disappear
= fade

8. to recognize the difference between two or more similar things

9. to measure or compute using numbers

10. important and necessary
= essential

11. the length of time that something continues
= duration

12. changed from the original or correct meaning
= distorted

13. the study of the mind and how it influences people’s behavior
= psychology

14. to decide what group something belongs to
= classify

15. to use a particular name to mention or describe something
= refer to A as B

16. to enter something in a record or list; to record
= register

17. to form a picture of someone or something in your mind
= visualize

18. to act in an intermediate position or transmit information between two sides
= mediate

19. to examine information or documents carefully in order to decide what is important and what is not
= sift through

20. tending to receive rather than produce things
= receptive

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