Hokka Hokka bento


今日は、研究室でインターンシップを単位として評価してもらうため、退社後に指導教官となる教授のもとへ行きました。途中、30分弱の時間が余ったので、駅〜大学間にあるホッカホッカ弁当なる食べ物を買って、63号館で一服。Actually, I bought a bento, salad and its dressing. After I went there, 63 bldg, I took them out of a plastic bag, and then I began to have my dinner! First, I put the dressing into the salad, but... hmm, it tasted something strange. I did not know why it tasted so, but I then thought that this dressing is the latest version I don't know, because it was fresh a little and not so bad tasting. As soon as finishing eating salad, I started doing the main dish, the bento! So, it's time to open the cover of the bento! Then, I realized then that the bento seemed to require another dressing for a meet in it, namely sauce or soy sauce, or something like that. Well, I found another dressing in the plastic bag, for salad. So,,,, then, according to Mottainai Spirit, I decided that I used the dressing, putting it into the bento. ......because I was sure that it makes good tasting, or something good, like the case of salad!


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