Block cource: SoC Design

Until today, I took block class which lasts three consecutive days from the next day of final test held. Definitely, it was difficult for me to listen to class from 10:40 to 19:30, because, you know, too long! But with my stress, I have listened to teacher saying at the place called "frontier", however, I was not able to study at there without 2 liter pet bottle per day. I know some engineers taught to us with good presentation, but others...orz Anyway, I would not like to hear "SoC" no more!

By the way, I have finished final mini-research report, so I finally get my own time! So, I will leave for Fukushima Pref. in 6 hours, for participating in the ESS camp as a vacancy! Maybe, I have at least several assignments more, but... I do not care anymore! I will think about it after return.

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